LYSAGHT TRIMDEK  is a sheet steel roof and wall cover profile with attractive appearance and has a wide and wide wave distance. Use of this aesthetic profile saves costs and can be used in the form of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Use in Indonesia is well known among architects with curved function capabilities - crimp curve
LYSAGHT TRIMDEK  has a large span capacity so that it can be installed with a considerable support distance. The binding system is very easy and fast, both against steel or wood pedestal. The continuous length with a weather-resistant side ride allows  LYSAGHT TRIMDEK  to be installed safely at a slope angle of up to three degrees (3).
LYSAGHT TRIMDEK is  made from high tensile steel  ZINCALUME  and Clean  Colorbond ® from BlueScope Steel. ZINCALUME coated   steel is a layer of steel which consists of a combination of 43.5% Zinc, 55% Aluminum and 1.5% Silicon as a protective layer against high corrosion. Zincalume ® resistance  to corrosion is four to five times compared to other galbani steels with the same thickness.
- The ability to be used as a curved function that gives modern architectural concepts. This technology allows it to be used in designs with different contours and displays.


Zinc / aluminum coated steel  ZINCALUME  Steel is a trademarked steel layer that is only produced by BlueScope Steel worldwide. ZINCALUME  Steel is produced with high-tech and up-to-date results from intensive and continuous research and development from BlueScope Steel's research team based in Australia. ZINCALUME  Steel has the best composition of 55% aluminum, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% silicon. Aluminum content has excellent resistance to corrosion while zinc content has advantages in its ability to protect cut edge protection. This dual protection mechanism is the biggest secret behind ZINCALUME  steel's superior ability  to deal with corrosion. Corrosion that occurs in layers of steel is highly dependent on the basic material used and the area where the product is used. There are 3 testing methods commonly used to measure the ability of coated steel to deal with corrosion.

This laboratory test was carried out with reference to the ASTM B117 and AS 1580 testing methods. The results showed that after 2000 hours of spraying with salt solution,  ZINCALUME  steel still had a much better appearance compared to galvanized steel sprayed with salt solution even though only 240 hours !
2. BEACH AREA TEST (Severe Marine Exposure)
After 6 years of being tested by being exposed to direct light in the coastal area of ​​Bellambai Point, galvanized steel has very clearly lost its coating and is accompanied by the appearance of red rust in its top layer. While  ZINCALUME  steel is still in good condition without the slightest sign of corrosion.  
3. FIELD TEST (Actual Field Testing)
After 20 years of being installed in a building, it was obvious that the roof made of  ZINCALUME  steel was still in very good condition, while the roof made of Galvanized steel had shown significant red rust.  

1. Resistant to corrosion
The best composition of Zinc and aluminum is capable of having four times better strength than galvanized steel in the same conditions
2. More economical
ZINCALUME  Steel is very light, giving you a wider square meter for each ton.  
3. Easily formed
Easy to form so that it provides a lot of convenience in designing product applications  
4. Attractive appearance
The surface of  ZINCALUME  steel which is filled with smooth development gives a different and very attractive appearance
ZINCALUME  Steel has a clean coating, so as to provide a beautiful appearance with a soft surface finish so that it is easy to color and resistant, not easily stained. With  ZINCALUME  Steel, we also do not need to smear oil before it is formed. This all makes  ZINCALUME  steel not slippery and easy to hold
6. Resistant to high temperatures
Process results at surface temperatures that reach 600F ° make  ZINCALUME  steel able to withstand high temperatures without fear of fading.
7. The ability to reflect heat
ZINCALUME  steel has a high ability to reflect heat and light.

ZINCALUME G-550 (Hi-Ten)
Coated steel  Zincalume ® is a metal alloy coated sheet steel with a composition of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc. This composition provides excellent protection so that this steel is suitable for various building and manufacturing applications. With an equivalent cost, Zincalume ® coated steel  provides 2 to 6 times longer service life than Galvanized steel in the same application. Zincalume ® coated   steel has a clear resin coating which makes the surface easy to paint, prevents scratches and blemishes. At the same time, the passivation layer ensures the silvery surface is maintained. Its shiny appearance provides high reflections of light and heat. Its heat resistance reaches 315 degrees Celsius without experiencing a change in color on its surface, so it is very suitable for the roof of your building.

ABADI G-550 (Hi-Ten)
Abadi ® is a metal coated steel sheet with a coating which is a combination of 55% Aluminum and 45% Zinc as a protective layer with high resistance to corrosion. With its characteristics, Abadi ® coated steel  is suitable for outdoor applications as roofing materials, gutters, fences and other needs including your home or building.

COLORBOND G-550 (Hi-Ten)
Clean Colorbond ® color coated steel  is a product that can be used for a long period of time, has strong durability and is available in a variety of attractive colors. Clean Colorbond ® color  layer steel is made using Zincalume ® coated steel   as a base material, which containing zinc and aluminum in the coating which has high resistance to corrosion. First of all, the steel is coated with a layer of conversion (Conversion coat). This layer is useful as a binding layer between the steel surface and a layer of paint on it to prevent peeling of paint. After that, it is coated with the primary layer. This primary layer serves as a protective layer to prevent corrosion. The last one is coated with a layer of color paint. The painting process until finished is controlled by a computer to prevent discoloration that can occur in the Clean  COLORBOND ® product  that has been used for a long time. In adjusting to the needs of existing layer formulations can be changed. This is what makes Clean  COLORBOND ® color steel  can be used for various applications and environments.

PELANGI G-550 (Hi-Ten)
Pelangi ® is a color coated steel using Zincalume ® coated steel base material  containing 55% Aluminum and 45% Zinc alloy. Pelangi ® color steel  is suitable for use as roofing materials and other needs including your home or building. Pelangi ® uses high-quality primer and painting systems that increase corrosion resistance and guaranteed paint quality.